1,001 Ways to Live Wild Book, A Petite Coffee Table Book

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A perfect addition to that petite library, Bestselling author Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer pours her creativity into an irresistible 6" wide by 6"5" tall book of bite-size motivational lists for leading an adventurous, happy, and fulfilling life. 1,001 Ways to Live Wild is filled with light-hearted quick hits of inspiration to stir anyone looking for a jolt of "get out there and live."  Short entries—musings, things to do, and inspirational quotes—are paired with whimsical, colorful art. Presented as one continuous list and broken up by occasional top ten lists and quotes, the text touches on many and varied themes such as: following your passions, staying curious, appreciating nature, traveling, trying new things, and living life with courage.  This hardbound book has 384 pages and 200 color illustrations - a great graduation gift!

6"w x 6.5"h x 1.5"d 384 pages; 200 color illustrations HardBound, Dust Jacket