100% Extra Small Macaroons Mini Clay Kit

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Create a beautiful rainbow of macaroons with the contents of this adorable 3.75" wide by 5.75" tall kit. Use the 6 colors of air dry clay to mold and shape the elegant cookie treats. When you finish your macaroons, display them on the included footed plastic cake stand or in the adorable box. Don't forget to place both cookie holders on the lovely pink placemat to complete your bakery display. Become a French pastry chef and bake up a batch of the cutest 100% small macarons. This is one of a series of DIY clay kits that you will want to make and collect all.
Kit includes: 5-colors of air-dry clay in pink, orange, blue, purple, green, carving tool, mini tea cup & saucer, mini cake stand, string to tie the macarons box, napkin, accessory sheet, and easy peasy instructions. Recommended for ages 8 and older.

5.5"w x 3.8"h x 1.5"d