Dachshunds The Long and the Short of Them

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An upbeat book focused on that long-bodied, short-legged furry friend, the dachshund!
The dachshund: bold, curious, and compact, a dog-and-a-half full of character - Dachshunds are everywhere. Walk down any fashionable street today and you will be tripping over the little sausages. The 12th most popular dog breed in the US, they are the dog du jour: compact enough for city living, yet feisty enough for a long country walk; cute but clever and independent, and with universal appeal. Caroline Donald shares her experience of life with a dachshund: what to look for and what to avoid, how to train and how to look after them. From famous dachshunds to famous owners, there are also stories of artists' dachshunds, including Picasso's Lump, Andy Warhol's Archie and Amos and David Hockney's Stanley and Boodgie; as well as royal dachshunds. New to the breed or old hand, there's more than a titbit or two to get your teeth into.
Hardbound 8" wide by 5" tall; 96 pages

8"w x 5"h x .5"d 96 ppg, Hardcover