Dymaxion Folding Globe - Blue/Green

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The Dymaxion Folding Globe is a magnetic folding map of our world.  This cool globe will be a total winner with the science nerd in your life, or to dress up an office with a conversation piece!   In 1954, Buckminster Fuller patented the Dymaxion Projection, a map of Earth which presents geographic information without breaks in any of the continental contours, or any visible distortion of the relative shapes or sizes of the land masses. Designer Brendan Ravenhill has configured Fuller's projection as a magnetic folding globe, a representation of Earth that easily transitions from flat to three dimensional. Fold it to form a geometric globe or unfold to reveal our flattened planet.  The map is delivered in a flat pkg measuring 12" wide by 5.25" tall.  When folded, the globe measures 3.3" long x 3" wide x 3.8" high.  An interesting and unique gift! 

12"w x 5.25"h x .1"d Flat Pkg 3.3" l x 3" w x 3.8" h Globe