Eraser City, Set of 3

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Play with small buildings and call it work. Eraser City looks like a city block of modern skyscrapers from a major urban center, but each building (and their respective bases) is actually a high quality eraser! Cast with very fine detail in bright white art eraser material, it's not only functional, but classy as well. So, dress up that boring workspace, area or desk - these skyscrapers will make you smile.

Eraser City is where rubber dreams are made! This concrete jungle set may appear as stiff and rigid as Manhattan’s tallest buildings, but it is actually quite flexible – made entirely of rubber materials. Feel like you’re at the top of the world as you look down upon this replica of skyscrapers, available in a set of three. When the day at the office seems dull, this Eraser City set will cheer you up by channeling the energetic vibe of the big apple.

Just like how the hustle and bustle of city life can make you feel brand new, the Eraser City set erases all of your little mistakes so you can start fresh again! Writing is a constructive process, so making errors are expected. But with this adorable set, the slip-ups can be removed in a flash. It’s the perfect gift for urban planners, real estate agents, architects, engineers, or anyone with a love for city life!
Each eraser building is finely crafted with intricate detailing to accurately depict famous city high-rises. As a great conversation starter, the set is appealing to the eye – which is why it may be hard to use these erasers for their actual purpose! They are so unique and small, that they also make great shelf or desk décor! You don’t need big lights to inspire you – Eraser City is all you need!

3.5"w x 3"h x 1.5"d Box 1"w x 2.5"h x 1"d Erasers