Hathi Elephant Candles, Set of 3

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Hathi Elephant Candles, Set of 3

Bring good fortune into your home with these charming Hathi elephant candles!  Feature them on a coffee table or side table to set a relaxing mood with an exotic flair. Bound to be a conversation starter, this set of three unscented black candles includes our small candle tray for easy displaying. Each elephant candle is 2.25" wide and 1.75" tall. The burn time is approximately 2 hours per elephant.

Hathi comes from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, a novel from 1894 that became a Disney animated classic. Kipling derived the name from the Hindi and Urdu words for “elephant”, fitting for the southeast asian setting of the book. Hathi is the oldest among the elephants and the leader of the troop, remembering the most of all the creatures in the jungle.

These elephants bathe the room in warm candlelight and set the mood for an evening to remember. Stylized in an homage to the Southeast Asian roots that their name comes from, the elongated and rounded facial features of the candles lend them a soft and welcoming appearance.

In many cultures, elephants are regarded as the wisest creatures in the entire jungle; these Hathi elephant candles may very well be one of the wisest touches to your living room, bathroom, kitchen or another part of your home.

As a gift, the Hathi elephant candles serve as a thoughtful piece of decor that can be burned three times or held as an everlasting piece. The candles are perfect for the animal lovers and wild spirits in your life. 

The Indian elephant is an endangered species, their population has decreased by 50% over the past 75 years. Male elephants can grow to be taller than 11 ft and can weigh more than 11,000 lbs. The Indian elephant has 19 pairs of ribs and males grow long, ivory tusks. As megaherbivores, they can consume more than 300 lbs of plants and vegetables each day. Cousins to the African elephant, the Indian elephant is smaller and lighter, with habitats in China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Bhutan.

If the occasion calls for candlelight, these Hathi elephant candles are a tasteful touch that lends plenty of identity to the room. Whether it’s a night spent with a significant other or a downtempo evening to entertain a few friends, these candles capture a certain ambience. With a two-hour burn, they can be used as an indicator for when it’s time to say goodnight, or to light another one and keep the evening going for a little while longer.


The traveler. The wildlife lover. The pet owner. The eastern culture enthusiast. The Jungle Book lover. The decorator. These Hathi elephant candles are a great gift for those who will enjoy a little something that has a big presence. At just under 2 inches high, these are the smallest elephants you’ll ever see.

Illuminate your love of all things animals with these delightful candles. 



2.25"w x 1.75"h x 1.75"d Elephant Candles 8"w x 3.5"h x 2.5"d Packaging

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    love these elephants

    Posted by cheryl & matt on 8th Jun 2016

    i love love love these elephants. I bought them for my sister who just got back from Thailand elephant park and when i saw them - decided to get some for me too. They're great on my mantle, the box they come in is also a tray to present them. I might very well have a hard time burning them though!!