Ironwood Acacia Sandwich Board Set

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22.00 Ounces

This board set from Ironwood includes two sandwich shaped cutting boards for all your culinary needs. They are great for both cutting and serving. A set of 2 boards, each measuring 7.75" wide by 6" high and .5" thick; the perfect set for picnics and outings as it can easily fit in picnic or travel bags. Also the perfect everyday board for meal prep, chopping to serve quickly and conveniently. Perfect shape for a luncheon or picnic plate.

The boards are beautifully crafted from Acacia Wood, which is a non-endangered species and not harvested from rain forests. Chosen for its deep, dark contrasting grain and innate hardness, Acacia is an ideal wood for the kitchen and your home. It’s inherent density makes it naturally resistant to bacteria. And all of the Acacia used in this product is sourced responsibly, from local farmers.

The 2 boards in the set have contrasting grains (one lighter and one darker) which compliment each other perfectly. The little hole in the corner is very handy for storage; you can just hang them anywhere and they'll look great. Proper care should be taken (as with all wooden products). Wipe with mineral or cutting board oil every so often, use warm soapy water to clean, wipe dry immediately after washing, and of course don't put it in the dishwasher. Makes the perfect gift, but be sure to get a set for yourself as well!

7.75"w x 6"h x 1"d 2-pack 7.75"w x 6"h x .5" thick Single Board