Little Punch Boxes

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Say It With Suspense! These vintage-inspired 3" square Punch Boxes pack lots of surprises. Twelve small compartments conceal secret messages that are only revealed when “punched” out (an eraser end of a pencil will do). A whimsical, nostalgic, unique gift that will inspire your creativity! We offer 3 different themed versions – each pre-filled with delightful content! Made with Care! The Punch Boxes are assembled and loaded by hand in California. The .5" thick wood cores deliver a solid substantial feel in your hand. There are twelve (12) secret compartments; each holds one scroll message. The boxes are beautifully made and the Japanese washi tape makes the edge pop with color. There are two layers of tissue paper over each compartment that gives just the right “punch”. Secret messages are loaded in no particular order and full color graphics on front and back . Packaged in a glassine envelope for safe travels.

Themed Punch Boxes include "Full Moon" with thoughtful celestial adventures and sentiments; "Sweet Words" that contains sweet sentiments and ideas and "I.O.U Coupons" that contain ideas for secret rendezvous, fun excursions, or simple gestures (ex. IOU a big hug!)

3"square x .5"d