Mini Cube Book - The Sea

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This tiny 2.5 square inch, hardbound book on the sea is adorable!  Uncover the hidden secrets and wild beauty of the world's oceans with this essential photographic collection. Here are hundreds of amazing photographs of turbulent open seas, azure tropical waters and icy polar oceans, as well coral reefs, ship wrecks, sandy beaches, coastal villages and busy ports. From the Atlantic and the South Pacific to the Caribbean and the Red Sea, this book covers every ocean with a wide range of aerial and underwater photography, and even photographs from space. It includes an additional chapter on beautiful sea creatures and powerful underwater predators, as well as all the other delicate life of our oceans.  This book is jammed packed with beautiful photographs, so be gentle with the binding!   Perfect addition to your mini book library!

2.5" x 2.5", 750+ pp