Mini Enamelware Mugs, Set of 4

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5.50 Ounces

Small in size but very practical, our set of 4 mini enamelware mugs can be relied on for lots of tasks around your kitchen. They are made from strong steel which is dipped in enamel to give it maximum durability, with timeless crisp pastel colors  and brown rimmed finish. They are tough, so they won't break if dropped or stain with use.  They hold a little over 1 fluid oz., so this makes them perfect for serving up strong shots of coffee drinks, such as espresso and macchiato; or shots of  your favorite liquor.  They can also be cute receptacles for individual servings of cream, gravy or other sauces, or unique pots for mousse!  Tiny, but useful they measure a mere 2" tall and  x 1.75" in diameter.  Colors are white, off-white, pale blue and pale green. 

2"h x 1.75" diameter