Mini Keychain Corkscrew

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Packing both a corkscrew and bottle opener into only a 3" length, this tool is small in size and big in utility. It is tiny enough to put on your key ring and store in your handbag, purse or pocket. While closed, the corkscrew tool is hidden under a protective cap so it won’t snag or rip anything. When opening a wine bottle the cap becomes a T-handle for the corkscrew. Simply twist off the cap and insert it into the bottle-opener slot at the top of the corkscrew.  This key ring can open bottles and cans. Comes in a light or dark aluminum, please let us choose (or let us know in order comments if you have a preference). 

Great for use while camping, backpacking, vacation, or any type of emergency.  Don’t let the mini size of this portable corkscrew throw you off, this is as durable a product as they come. As a gift to a wine enthusiasts or anyone else, this product is sure to impress!

2.25"w x 6"h x .5"d Package 3"h x .5"d (excluding Keyring) Corkscrew