Mini Metal Ring Puzzles - Assorted

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2.00 Ounces

Looking for a nice puzzle to keep your smart kiddo engaged and challenged? These metal puzzles from Japan do just that and more! Sold individually, each puzzle has its own unique entanglement. The metal puzzles are great for kids, teens, and even adults.
Hone your kid’s problem solving skills, curb anxiety in high energy kids, and improve spatial reasoning with every twist of the
metal puzzle pieces. Puzzles are great for providing tactile feedback to little kids, sharpen logical thinking skills in big kids and teens, and make a great stress-reliever and time-killer for adults of all ages. Each metal puzzle is approx. 1.5" wide by 2" long and there are 6 different classic puzzles in this assortment: Interlocking rings, Star, Horseshoe, "S" Chain, Skeleton Key and AB Puzzle. Again, they are sold separately, please make your selection above!

2.25"w x 4.25"h x .75"d Cardstock