Mini Squishy Mochi Sea Animal Blind Box

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Squishy Mochi Sea Animals are small and adorable. They are fun to play with and are perfect little stress relievers. They are great as toys, desktop decor, or crafts. These would make great little party favors or holiday stuffers. Sold individually, this series of sea animals feature a crab, penguin, dolphin, spotted seal, orca, whale shark and walrus. Each mystery box contains a single 2" squishy along with a decorative mochi tray, just like how mochi dessert is served in Japan.

*These squishy toys can be washed with warm water or by using scotch tape. Due to the nature of the materials, small imperfections in the paint are normal with these squishy toys. Although Mochi Squishies are made from non-toxic TPR (non-toxic thermoplastic rubber) material, they are not meant to be eaten or put in the mouth. They are meant to be squeezed but may tear if abused.

2.25"w x 2.5"h x 1.5"d Package 2" Squishy