Ping Pong Paddle & Ball Eraser Set

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1.00 Ounces

Cute little ping pong paddles & balls are actually genuine Japanese Iwako erasers.  There is one paddle and two balls in each wrapped set.  Perfect for the ping pong champion in your life, or just cute little party favors or novelties at a celebration - maybe a ping pong tournament?  The paddles are 1.5" tall and 1" wide and the tiny, tiny balls are a mere .25" in diameter.  They are perfect desk accessories since they are actual erasers, so they're useful & pretty.  Paddle colors vary from blue/black or orange/blue, so if you have a preference, definitely let us know in your order comments during checkout.  The erasers are also non-toxic & eco-friendly (contain no lead), but they are not recommended or suited for children under age 4 due to their tiny size.  

2.5"w x 2.5"h Package 1"w x 1.5"l Paddle .25"d balls