Pocket Magic Tricks

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Great  fun with this assortment of magic tricks by ToySmith!  Each of the five assorted tricks come packaged on card stock and make perfect party favors or holiday stuffers.  Assortment of classic tricks,  they are  easy to do in neat, pocket-sized packets.  Sold individually, they include:  Dizzy Dice where you have a black die in a clear box.  Give it a shake and abracadabra- it has changed into a white one.  Crazy Cubes is where you have a black cube in a clear box.  Give it a shake and voila - it has changed into eight multicolored mini cubes!  The Rope Trick is fun.  As the rope is pulled through the magic case, it can be sliced in two and then completely restored as often as you like!  The Pencil Slicer enables you to slice a pencil into three parts and then restore it again over and over.  And last but not least, the Disappearing Card deck shows real skill.  A deck of cards is shown to the spectator and then placed inside the magic case.  The deck of cards then vanishes right before their eyes!   Full instructions come with each trick.  Recommended for ages 6 and older.  Please make  your choice(s) here!

4.75"w x 7"h Card Stock