Savoir Faire Dipping Dishes, Set of 6

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Made of high quality, durable porcelain, this set of six Savoir Faire dipping dishes are simple, yet elegant. Made of white porcelain that feature monochrome designs of garnishes that are served with cheese.  The dishes measure 3.75" in diameter and 1" tall. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and their glazed porcelain resists cracking or staining.  These dishes are just the right size for tempting portions of condiments, olives, or chutney to serve with cheese and crackers.  They're also the ideal depth for dipping bowls full of flavored oils and balsamic vinegar.   They make a lovely gift and come packaged in a gift box. 

2.75"h x 4.25 d Giftbox 1"h x 3.75"d Individual Plates