Small 3" Terracotta Clay Pot

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We're loving these small, gorgeous, new terracotta planter pots!  They are small, but versatile and you'll find them suitable for many of your gardening projects and indoor planting.  These pots have assorted decorations, like beading, pom pom ornaments and decorative ribbon.   There are slightly different shapes as well, although all of them are approx. 3" tall and 3" in diameter.  They are  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, so we'd love you to let us choose - but if you really have a preference, please let  us know on the order comments (describe as best you can) while checking out and we'll try to accommodate.   They can also be used for creative craft projects, favors or other receptacles.   They are a tad delicate, so please handle gently!

3"w x 3"h x 3"d