Small Bamboo Cutting Board

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The Perfect Everyday Bamboo Cutting Board

Everyone needs a mini bamboo cutting board to utilize on a daily basis. Its tiny capacity allows it to fit in the smallest of places. For instance, slide it into a drawer and pull it out when needed or slip it between other items on a shelf or between dishes. Regardless of where you store it, it will come in handy with its small size whenever needed.

The size of this unique mini cutting board is as follows:

  • 8” Long
  • 6” Wide 
  • 0.75” Thick

It is clear that this small cutting board is absolutely convenient in every way. Its compact, sturdy build allows it to be easily cleaned and stored anywhere you choose. Doing smaller things in the kitchen now will take less time, since you won’t have to clean and wash a larger cutting board. This mini cutting board’s star quality is its absolute convenience and functionality.

What Makes This Mini Bamboo Cutting Board Such a Functional Kitchen Accessory?

  1. Easy to store 
  2. Doesn’t take up a lot of space 
  3. Extremely durable
  4. Doesn’t dull knives
  5. Antibacterial
  6. Food safe
  7. Eco-friendly 
  8. Doesn’t stain
  9. Can last forever

This small cutting board is easy to store and clean because of its size. It’s also is made out of an extremely durable bamboo that is built to last. Even the strongest of woods (like maple, walnut, beech or cherry) are more porous than bamboo, allowing for water to soak into it and for bacteria to grow.

But because bamboo is is resistant to water and does not warp or crack as easily as wood does, it is considered antibacterial. The only other cutting boards like this are plastic cutting boards. However, plastic cutting boards are not eco-friendly. Plastic is a manmade material that usually contains BPA and can also scar easily.

On the other hand, bamboo is a sustainable material. This all-natural small bamboo cutting board is also so durable that it does not groove even with the sharpest knife. It will not shed and will not splinter as opposed to plastic or other woods, which will always scar with use. It is engineered to last many years without warping or cracking - already better than its inferior counterparts.

The mini cutting board will never dull your knives. In fact, it is made specifically to be kind to them! With this maintenance-free mini cutting board, you won’t have to worry about your knives, you won’t have to worry about spending extra time sharpening your knives or shopping for new ones.

Cutting beets or other color-staining food items can leave your cutting board looking worse for wear. With a stain that even soap can’t remove, you are left with a constant reminder that you cut up beets last Thanksgiving. However, with this small cutting board’s stain-resistant surface, all you’ll have to think about is the present.

Ways to Use Your Mini Cutting Board

  • Slicing lemons and limes for cocktails
  • Cutting up fruit (like apples or strawberries)
  • Slicing garnishes for special dishes

Be sure to hand-wash the board only and oil it regularly, and this small bamboo cutting board can last forever in your home and in your kitchen.


8"w x 6"l x .75"d