Survival in a Sardine Can

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This pocked sized survival kit is jammed packed with most everything you'll need in a pinch. It's great for hikers, campers, boaters, skiers, fisherman, travelers, cyclists - well, you get the point. It contains emergency medical supplies, nourishment, navigational aids and more. The tin is conveniently TINY at only 4.25" x 3" x 1" - about the size of a sardine can; so it's easily stowed. It is also water-tight and crush proof, and you can drink out of it! It is NOT meant for children, as it contains small and sharp objects. The survival kit contains: compass, whistle, matches, first aid instructions, razor blade, pencil, non-aspirin, fire starter cube, duct tape, antibiotic ointment and much more.

3"w x 4.25"l x 1"d