Tiny Flower Dishes, Set of 5

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The prettiest little dishes you'll ever find together in a set!  Made in Japan, these mini flower shaped dishes are so versatile!  They are just deep enough to use them for sauces or condiments  They are food-safe and  are great for salts or spices.  Very suitable for trinkets, jewelry or meds and vitamins.  They can be used for incense.  Even a beautiful presentation for a mini appetizer or dessert! Five beautiful flower patterns using all the colors of the rainbow!  Each dish is approx. 2.4" in diameter and .5" high presented in a gift box measuring 12.5" wide and 2.75" deep.   Makes for a great gift - but get two sets and keep one for yourself!   You'll be glad you did! 

12.5"w x 1"h x 2.75"d GiftBox 2.4"d x .5"h Flower Shaped Dishes