About Us

cherry-garcia-dogs.jpgI’ve always been obsessed with mini things.  And what I mean by ‘mini’ is not like the doll-house miniatures, but small-scale everyday practical things.  Not only do they have a big-time ‘cute’ factor, but are actually useful things that get the job done and….well, are fun.  And while I’m all about cute and fun, as I got older, I realized that people need items that are cost efficient, functional & useful – and hey, if they can be adorably small and fun too, then it’s a win-win!  

Today, we live in smaller real estate spaces like micro-lofts, small apartments and condos, dorm rooms, assisted living, military housing - the list goes on and on.  Small not only allows you to live efficiently, but experience that ‘aaaww’ factor while doing it.  Lastly, small items that are useful and fun are perfect for party favors, stocking stuffers, basket fillers and hostess gifts.  

So, its official, I like small!   As a result, in 2013, a few members of my family and I launched a store aptly named Little Obsessed.  Our mission is to be able to provide a great selection of quality small sized products that are cute, fun, cost effective, and most of all, useful.

So, here's to small living! Take a look and come on board.  You'll be amazed at how much fun you will have.  We hope you enjoy our initial selection.  We are constantly on the lookout for new items,  so please check back frequently.   All feedback is genuinely welcome; we are truly interested in what makes you smile.   Happy Shopping!


(and Cherry & Garcia, LO's mascots)


Additional note: Our mission at Little Obsessed is to provide small, cute, functional items for all ages and all environments.  However, above all, we care about the safety of our customers.  We deal with small products that may contain even smaller pieces.  We do our best to suggest what items are age appropriate for young children but we ask that you use your discretion when buying our products.  Thank you and enjoy!