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3 Qualities All Thanksgiving Favors Should Have

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Are you throwing a Thanksgiving feast or party this year? If you're in charge of hosting the family get-together this year, why not consider giving out a few party favors? Family gatherings are an excellent time to show relatives old and new how much you care about them and value their presence with a small parting gift, but it can be difficult to choose what to give away.

When you're shopping for Thanksgiving party favors, consider choosing gifts that are these three things:

Small. The best party favors are those that can be stored away on a desk or in a purse and used to reminisce throughout the year. Giving your guests something large or bulky isn't just impractical; it's annoying and will increase the chances that your guests end up throwing away your gift when they get home. For example, a desktop mini bonsai set is all the fun of the full version without the space requirement!

Unique. The gifts you give out to your family members should be just as unique and special as the bond that you share with them! When searching for where to buy party favors online, turn to Little Obsessed as we have a wide inventory that is bound to have something that your family will hold dear. For example, if you had a beloved black cat growing up, giving out mementos like a mini animal chatter cat from Little Obsessed that will help your brothers and sisters to remember those special moments is a unique way to show your appreciation and love for one another. 

Festive. Just like your party has a theme, make sure your favors are paying homage to the reason for the season! Everyone loves small holiday decorations because they can use them again and again for years to come in their own homes. One festive item is a turkey tealight holder, which encapsulates fall perfectly in a cute and mini package!

Finding the right party favors doesn't have to be a challenge! At Little Obsessed, we hand-picked a collection of some of the cutest, smallest and most memorable little souvenirs that make favor shopping easy. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory!

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