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Tips to Help You Throw the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

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Does your loved one or friend have a birthday coming up this summer? You’ll want to throw a party that’s as memorable as it is fun! Throwing the perfect summer birthday party can be a challenge because the season provides some unique factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

Take our tips from throwing the perfect summer party, and make sure to take tons of pictures!

Barbecuing. A perfect summer birthday party is incomplete without barbecuing food. Whether you are a grill master or not, you should have the right tools to make everyone’s burgers, hot dogs, chicken and steaks to the best of your ability. You can order our mini silicone basting brushessilicone tongs and mini squeeze condiment containers to make sure you are ready to man the grill at your next party.  

Activities. A memorable summer birthday party is nothing without fun activities. You can throw around a foam football, play mini bocce ball and relax using our drink floaties when by the pool!

Send guests home with favors. People love party favors because they provide a little piece of the fun that they can bring home with them! The best party favors are ones that fit with your theme and are unique! Stand out and give your guests a party favor that they will remember. With a little help from us here at Little Obsessed, your guests will be talking about their party favor for the rest of the summer. Some party favors you can buy from us include our super cute mini piñatas, our practical citronella mason jar candlesmini pocket kitesmini succulent plants and more. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and times if you’re looking to buy party favors online, and do you planning early! 

If you are throwing a summer birthday party and are interested in buying unique party favors, contact our friendly staff at Little Obsessed today to learn more!   We offer bulk discounts and welcome special orders!

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