Carry On Cocktail Kit - The Bloody Mary

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We’re sure you’ve suffered through one too many bad airline bloody marys, which is why the the bar has now been raised on a favorite in-flight cocktail. Procure a mini bottle of vodka, one can of tomato juice, one cup of ice and a glass--we'll do the rest!

Fitting conveniently in your pocket, purse or briefcase, this is the perfect gift for that travel companion or colleague, or your favorite honeymooners!

This kit includes all the tools you need to craft two bloody mary cocktails mid-flight! A flavorful small-batch bloody mary mix, rimming salt, mini pickle, cloth coaster, and bar spoon are all included in a 4.25" tall and 3.25" wide red tin box.

The carry-on bloody mary cocktail kit is certainly an essential item to bring with you whenever you’re traveling! How many times have you been on plane where you’ve been overcharged for a bloody mary that didn’t quite meet your standards? After packing all your belongings, rushing to the airport, printing your boarding pass, checking your luggage, going through security, waiting to board the plain, and migrating with everyone else to your seat, you’re definitely going to want to take the edge off with a refreshing cocktail! Once you get through everything you needed to do before catching your flight, there’s no reason to delay the vacation any longer--start the partying shortly after lift off with the carry-on bloody mary cocktail kit!

While flying a mile high, you can observe the world below as you sip on a zesty bloody mary the entire time. Nothing compares to rising above and seeing everything from a higher perspective! Maybe you’ll daydream about the exciting days ahead in a new city. Or perhaps you’ll contemplate those pressing issues on your mind--now that you have some much needed quiet time. Or you can simply take a deep breath, unwind and center yourself while watching the world around you fade away. No matter how you spend your time on the plane, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to get your trip started off with a little buzz. Regardless of your destination, never overlook the meditational experience that comes with flying!

Don’t waste another dollar on a drink that you know you could’ve made a lot better than the flight attendant. Now, with the the carry-on bloody mary cocktail kit, you can make your drink exactly the way you like! Without a doubt, you’ll be the envy of every other passenger on the plane. But don’t worry, we know that drinking alone can be a bummer--which is why this kit comes with all the supplies necessary to make two bloody mary cocktails while flying. Whether you’re a newlywed going with your spouse to your honeymoon destination, or you’re traveling on your own seeking inspiration from from a place unknown, you’ll have more than enough to share with whomever! Go ahead and have some great conversations and belly laughs--there’s no better way to start your journey than with a bloody mary in your hand!  

Remember, the carry-on bloody mary cocktail kit is intended for those 21 years or older.

3.25"w x 4.5"h x 1"d