Carry On Cocktail Kit - The Champagne Cocktail

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Carry On Cocktail Kit - The Champagne Cocktail

If you can book a ticket in first class, and just happen to feel a bit uneasy about traveling, it's likely those worries will be far behind you after you’re on board. In fact, immediately after you rest comfortably in your chair, you will probably enjoy some free drinks that are be mixed and poured by a friendly flight attendant.

On the other hand, if you’re sitting in coach, it’s likely that you'll be trying to find ways to feel better about your flight, and ways that you can feel more comfortable throughout its duration. And, one way that you might make sitting in coach more tolerable is by enjoying a drink, or two, or four at the airport’s bar before you take off!

However, what are you going to do once you sit down, either with a friend or loved one, or by yourself in a row with a Del Griffith (the obnoxious shower curtain ring salesman played by John Candy in the film Planes, Trains and Automobiles), or a bouncing and squirrelly toddler and his or her mother/father, etc.?

Well, your flight just got a little bit classier and easier! Introducing the Champagne Cocktail Carry On Cocktail Kit!

If you're looking to have an easier time flying coach or just want to enjoy a couple of extra special cocktails while flying coach or even first class, consider the Champagne Cocktail Carry On Cocktail Kit. This kit includes the tools and ingredients you need to craft two sparkling Champagne cocktails all tucked neatly inside a gold 4.25” tall and 3.25” wide gold tin. The kit contains a small bottle of Elderflower Syrup, 1/2 oz. jigger, bar spoon, and linen coaster. All you’ll need to do is procure a small split of champagne, a glass, a wedge of lemon (if preferred) and then you’re all set.Alcohol is not included with the kit, and it’s intended for those 21 years or older.

The Carry On Champagne Cocktail Kit Also Makes the Perfect Gift!

Are you having a holiday gift exchange at work? Are you looking for something unique to give to a friend or loved on a birthday or as a special gift for another milestone in their life?

There’s no doubt that the Carry On Champagne Cocktail Kit makes the perfect gift to give to a new couple, or the ideal gift to give to someone who is frequently traveling. Whether or not you need or just want a couple of extra drinks to enjoy in coach or first class, or want to make the frequent flyer you know feel more comfortable on his or her next flight, the Carry On Champagne Cocktail Kit from Little Obsessed is a must have item.

In addition, while this item will help to keep you relaxed, it can also be a great conversation starter and thus make your flight go much faster. Just order this cute and convenient item and find out!

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