Chickadee Wine Glass Markers, Set of 6

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Check out these adorably cute colorful flock of Chickadee silicone wine charms!  Not like other charms, they're made to securely perch on the rim of any wine (or other beverage) glass, eliminating mix-ups and adding a splash of fun and part-perfect color to the decor!  Comes in a set of six, these .25" wide and 1" long birdies come packaged up in a square acetate box.  Easy to clean with soap & water and simply air dry or wipe with a towel.  Perfect hostess gift along with a bottle of wine, or package up with some other fun items for the perfect shower or wedding favor or gift.  

3.25"w x 4"h x .75"d Packaging .25"w x 1"h x .25"d Chickadee