Gund Mini Boo Blind Box Surprise Plush, Series 1

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GUND is proud to present Boo Surprise Plush Series #1  featuring the wildly popular Pomeranian in his most adorable outfits. Each blind box includes a sealed Mylar bag containing a randomized 2.75" mini plush Boo in one of eight outfits: a track jacket, a camo hoodie, a cowboy, a teddy bear, a superhero, a tutu, glasses and bow-tie, as well as a mystery style. Each Boo plush sports a sturdy metal ball key chain for easy portability and display. Be sure to collect them all! Surface-washable for easy cleaning. Appropriate for ages 8+.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.  Boxes are sealed so we are unable to send specific requests/styles!

2"w x 3"h x 2"d Box