Little Box of Jokes & Pranks

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6.00 Ounces

Get into the Halloween spirit with our box of tricks or pranks! Sold individually, each 3.25" square Acrylic box holds a set of pranks or tricks (make selection above) based on the mischievous nature of the recipient! Tons of fun, these classic pranks can still produce a fright (and then loads of laughter)!

The box of pranks include: Nail with bandage, mini whoopee cushion, gum with roach, giant scary spider and fake poop
The box of tricks include: fake throw-up, chocolate with spider, trick teeth, thumb trick, fake poop and a giant roach

The perfect gift to send to a long-distance child (or adult!) to keep up with the boredom of quarantine!

3.25" square Acrylic Box