Mini Dachshund Paper Soap

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These single use bath Dachshund paper soaps are perfect for everyday use, great for guests, the gym, for travel, and gorgeous as event gifts or party favors.  Handmade in Vancouver, Canada, these soaps are made with love & care with organic ingredients that reduce environmental toxins and are good for your skin.   This 4 oz tin of LICORICE LEAF dachshunds includes approx. 30 pieces and they look absolutely adorable on display.    

The soaps are a combination of  proprietary organic ingredients including Organic fair trade whipped butters, handmade cold pressed oils, in house grown and/or dried organic roots/leaves/berries/zests, & Organic essential oils.  Paper soaps are designed to bend with the curves of your body allowing your skin to receive the full benefit of the cleansing detox & moisturizing properties. 

3.25"d x 2.25"h 4 oz Tin