Smiski Mini Glow Figure DRESSING Series Blind Box

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2.00 Ounces

Tiny glowing friends help you pick the best Outfit of the Day! Don’t know what to wear? Smiski Dressing has your back. 6 stylish tiny creatures are ready to help you work that runway (or your closet!) with the flair and panache only you can. Featuring Smiski Underpants, Smiski Struggling, Smiski Loose Pants, Smiski Putting on Socks, Smiski Sweater, Smiski Tight Pants, plus a secret style!
The 2.5" tall Smiski characters are sold individually and come packaged in random blind boxes, so you won't know which one you will get until you open the box! Blind boxes contain one figure each, randomly selected for shipping, and requests for specific variants cannot be requested. Don't forget, Returns cannot be accommodated for opened products!

2"w x 3.25" Octogan Box Approx 2" h x 1.5" w Figure