Smiski Mini Glow Figure Exercise Series Blind Box

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Introducing Smiski Exercising Series! Ever lack a work-out buddy? Smiski Exercising has your back. 6 tiny creatures are ready to help you keep to your health goals while keeping your workout entertaining!. In this series, we find Smiski doing exercises in the corner of your room. Maintaining an exercise routine can be difficult, but with Smiski by your side, you may find more motivation, and have fun doing it!

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, there is one figurine per box. This series features 6 different poses + a secret pose! There is Smiski Dumbbell, Smiski Doing Crunches, Smiski Aerobics, Little Smiski Balance, Smiski Hoop, Smiski Stretch, and the secret, BUFF SMISKI

Tiny glowing friends do their best to be healthy with you!

2"w x 3.25" Octogan Box Approx 2" h x 1.5" w Figure