Tiny Mail Activity Kit & Post Office

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Inside this little box is big fun! You'll find supplies to make 24 mini missives and 6 pocket-sized parcels. Tiny mail is perfect for big-hearted hellos and sweet little surprises. It's always a double delight - for you and your lucky recipient!
Create super adorable tiny letters and packages with the DIY World's Smallest Tiny Mail Activity Kit and Post Service. Miniature envelopes, stationery, stamps, kraft boxes, and a fine-tipped pen make it easy to write big-hearted mini-hellos to close friends, or package one-of-a-kind mementos for special occasions. Prove to the world that the best things do come in small packages.
72 tiny postage stamps
24 stationery sheets
24 mini-envelopes
24 red enclosure stickers to seal up envelopes
4 “Fragile / Tiny / Handle with Care” stickers
4 “Special Delivery” stickers
4 “Air Mail” stickers
4 “This Side Up” stickers
6 kraft boxes to make tiny packages
6 copies of The Small Times newspaper
6 sheets of kraft paper to wrap packages
6 lengths of twine to tie packages
1 fine-tipped black writing pen
1 magnifying glass
1 cut-out-and-make mini paper mailbox
Also, as a bonus - included is a paper mailbox to craft. Loads of creative fun!

7.5"w x 5.5"h x 1"d Box