Tiny World: Sculpting!

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8.00 Ounces

Discover your new craft obsession with TINY WORLD: SCULPTING! A 5.25" wide by 9.5" tall kit, it contains all the materials and a step-by-step book for creating a sculpted cake. Welcome to Tiny World!: A series of super cute mini-craft kits created especially for beginners, ages 10 and up. Coupled with materials to make an adorable, miniature project, this full-color, photographic, thirty-two-page book provides an overview of sculpting and step-by-step instructions to create your very own teeny-tiny cake.
The easy-to-learn project can be completed in just a few hours or less and looks fabulous on your bookshelf and desk, and to show off to your friends.
Recommended for ages 10 and older.

5.25"w x 9.5"h x 1.5"d