USB Light Bulb

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2.00 Ounces

Let there be light!   Shed some light on the situation with this clever USB light bulb.  It's the perfect little nightlight for any room, or to illuminate your keyboard while burning the midnight oil.  It can be used in any USB port, including wall adapters and it's designed to look like a classic light bulb.  This mini plastic interpretation of the original will look adorable and classy wherever you decide to position or  use it. As long as you have a USB port or wall adapter near by, you're all set.  A fun & functional gift idea.  USB light measures approx. 3.25" tall and 2" in diameter.  Also makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or basket filler! 

4.75"w x 6"h x 2" d Packaging 2" diameter Light Bulb