Assorted Sweater Folk Ornaments, Set of 2

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3.00 Ounces

Adorably cute sweater folk ornament pairs will perk up your holiday blues!   The sweater folk pairs are assorted and are sold in PAIRS (set of 2).  You will not be disappointed in any variety we choose, but if you have a specific pair in mind, let us know on your order comments and if available, we will accommodate!     Each sweater folk pair comes in a girl and boy.  The base is wood and they are covered from head to toe in adorable sweater patterns with wood, felt or bell embellishments.  They make festive ornaments for the tree or packages, place settings, party favors and cute as a button stocking stuffers.   Can't resist!

1.5"w x 3"h x 1.25"d Each Ornament