Bad Weather Survival Kit

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"If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm".  Wise words by Frank Lane.  But what do you do while hunkered down waiting for it to all blow over?  Here's a collection of handy items to keep you, your friends and family occupied in the meantime, making sure the thunder and storm clouds are kept outside.  Our 5.5" wide by 4" deep Bad Weather Survival Kit will save the day!  Included is a stainless steel 3 oz (2.75"w x 3.5"h) hip flask (you decide on the contents); a standard deck of playing cards; dice game, conversation cards, and a tube of stress temple rub (grapeseed oil, avocado, Vitamin E, ginger and sweet orange oil).  The weather may have let you down but at least you have a hip flask full of booze and a tent full of friends. The bad weather survival kit is the must-have camping and vacation essential for 2020.   Made in the UK

5.5"w x 1.75"h x 4"d Tin