3 Gift Ideas for Your Creative Friend

Posted by Little Obsessed on 24th Nov 2018

one of a kind gifts

Buying gifts for your friends can be a fun, yet sometimes stressful, experience. Fortunately, today's online world makes shopping easier than ever, especially with about 79% of U.S. consumers shopping online in 2017 alone. But one of the best kinds of friends to buy gifts for is creative friends -- buying art supplies and other gifts for their creative needs can be quite enjoyable. So if you have a creative friend in your life, here are a few simple gift ideas.

Art set: What better gift your artsy friend than an art set? There are tons of art sets that can be truly one of a kind gifts. If your friend likes to pain, you can get them a miniature paint set! Having a mini paint set with an easel will help them be creative wherever and whenever. Or you can get them a coloring kit or some pastels that they can easily take with them on the go. And if your friend enjoys getting really into their art, there's even finger painting sets that can allow them to really get their hands dirty. All in all, art kits and sets can make the perfect gift for your creative friend.

Camera: If your friend is more into photography or videography, you should consider getting them a camera! Yes, there's a good chance that your friend has a smartphone with a nice camera. But a phone camera will never be the same as a real camera. There are tons of cameras available today to suit whatever your friend's camera needs are. There are even mini Polaroid cameras that can allow them to instantly print their pictures. Or, you can always get them a mini selfie stick that works with their smartphone so they can be in some of their own pictures. 

Journal: Having a journal or notebook on hand at all times is essential for creative folk -- after all, you never know when an idea might hit you. So why not get your friend a new journal? You can make journals one of a kind gifts by personalizing them for your friend or getting one that really speaks to their interests. We have tiny leather embossed journalsgratitude journalshappiness by the day journals, .... well you get the point!  But no matter what kind of journal or notebook you get your friend, they'll appreciate receiving cute little gifts that can be useful. We have a good selection of small journals so take a look!  They can take their new journal with them wherever they go so they can be ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Hopefully, this article gave you some good gift ideas. These  one of a kind gifts will be perfect for your artsy friends and help their creative juices flow!