6 Small Gifts To Show Your Pride for the Fourth of July

6 Small Gifts To Show Your Pride for the Fourth of July

29th Jun 2022

Gathering with your loved ones to celebrate Independence Day is a fun opportunity to relax, share stories, and show pride for your country. It’s also the day the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, leading to the birth of American independence in 1776. It has led to societal progress, togetherness, and the creation of a mixing pot of diverse cultures and experiences.

Whether you decide to throw a Fourth of July party or celebrate with gifts, thinking of the perfect themed presents and favors depends on your audience. So, let’s look at six small gifts for your friends and loved ones to show your pride on the Fourth of July. Expressing how much you appreciate what your country has offered you is an excellent way to show your patriotism and enthusiasm.

A Brief History of Independence Day

During the Revolutionary War in April 1775, a handful of colonists were determined to establish their independence from Great Britain. As the year progressed, more colonists joined in their favor of independence due to growing hostility against Britain. The novel Common Sense,published by Thomas Paine in early 1776, expressed the growing revolutionary sentiments during the time.

From June 7 to July 2 in 1776, the Continental Congress gathered at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia to discuss making independence law. The heated debates led the Congress to postpone the vote, so five appointed men—Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, and Robert R. Livingston—drafted a formal statement to break from Britain. From there, the Fourth of July became the United States of America’s Independence Day. As of today, the Fourth of July has become a significant day in American history to reflect on freedom and a democracy centered around indelible rights.

Planting and Gardening Supplies

If you know someone who loves spending their summers tending to their gardens, a fantastic small gift to show pride on the Fourth of July is the gift of gardening goods. You can help support their hobby and help their efforts toward having a beautiful home.

Grow Your Own Palm Tree Kit

A fun gardening gift you can offer to celebrate the Fourth of July is our Grow Your Own Palm Tree kit. You can help bring the relaxing vacation feel to their homes by gifting them a palm tree they can grow in their own space!

The kit comes with palm tree seeds, seed starter, a growing pot, a mini terrarium/growing tube, and an informative 72-page illustrated booklet for hours of entertainment. Next time you visit on the Fourth of July, you’ll be able to spot their property thanks to a giant palm tree on their property.

Tiny Seed Tins

If you know someone who loves maintaining a flowery garden for the Fourth of July, you can gift them miniature seed plant tins to help them grow beautiful flowers. You can find a variety of tiny seed tins, including lavender, forget-me-nots, wildflowers, and so much more.

Whether they start growing them indoors or directly plant them outside, their homes will sport beautiful flowers that elevate their property. So, next time you visit during the Fourth of July, you’ll see stunning flowers that look great (and even help with bee pollination)!

Party Favor Gifts

Whether you’re hosting a Fourth of July party or want to bring a gift to show appreciation, you can find many party favor gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Fourth of July parties typically include ice-cold beverages and grilled BBQ meals out in the hot sun, so offer gifts that make the get-together even more memorable.

Cocktail Shakers & Shot Glasses

You probably know someone who’s enthusiastic about creating cocktails and keeping the day rolling. At Little Obsessed, we carry fun 6-ounce cocktail shakers and shot glass sets to make their day more fun. Gifting them a cocktail shaker is as convenient for making their favorite mixers as it is to store when they’re done!

We have a variety of unique and quirky shot glass sets that look like cacti, skulls, mason jars, or even shot glasses made with Himalayan salt. You can also find shot glass ice molds to keep your drinks cold during a hot sunny day. Cocktail-themed gifts make a fun gift for every Fourth of July party.

Paper Umbrellas & Drink Markers

If there’s one thing that can quickly become frustrating at a Fourth of July party, it’s losing track of your drink and having to open another one. An easy solution is to gift the party host paper umbrellas and drink markers so no one will lose their beverages.

Paper umbrellas and drink markers make fun conversation pieces and help you identify which drink is yours on the kitchen table. You can find drink markers that look like umbrellas, dogs, cats, and more.

Outdoor Activities

Many people see the Fourth of July as a chance to spend time together with friends and loved ones. Getting outside to enjoy the fireworks and play games is a fun way for your younger relatives or children to let loose and have fun.

Confetti Poppers & Sparklers

A delightful way to let some steam out and enjoy the Fourth of July is by playing with confetti poppers and mini sparklers. As the night gets darker, pulling out confetti poppers and sparklers is an exciting way to light up the night. You, your friends, and your loved ones can have a fun time enjoying the colorful, bright sparklers and confetti poppers to celebrate a day of independence.

Miniature Bird Habitats

If you know someone who loves to be in touch with nature, you can gift them a miniature bird habitat for the Fourth of July. It puts their creative side on display and encourages local wildlife to flourish. A mini bird habitat makes the perfect addition to any outdoor space, attracting a large variety of nesting birds to your property in an undeniably adorable fashion.

The Fourth of July is an excellent opportunity to show your friends and loved ones how much you mean to them. That’s why we at Little Obsessed provide small unique gifts for any special day of the year. Our catalog provides small gifts for your partner, during the holidays, by season, and for anyone who deserves a pick-me-up. If you have any questions about our products, reach out to us today!

6 Small Gifts To Show Your Pride for the Fourth of July