7 Summer Gift Basket Filler Ideas To Complete Your Gift

7 Summer Gift Basket Filler Ideas To Complete Your Gift

10th Aug 2022

Summer is a fantastic time to get together with your loved ones and celebrate the warm weather. From swimming at the beach to enjoying a delicious barbeque, you create beautiful memories you can reflect on during the colder months. Summer also means many families and friends hosting parties to celebrate fun events. Birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, or whatever the case may be.

However, you may need to think on your toes and create a gift to commemorate your friend or loved one’s special occasion. If you know someone who has a birthday coming up, you don’t have to stick to the formulaic one-gift-only trope. Instead, think outside the box and create a gift bundle with numerous smaller gifts. So, let’s look at seven summer gift basket filler ideas to complete your gift for a loved one. From cosmetics to office supplies, you’ll create a fantastic gift basket someone will adore.

Choosing the Perfect Filler Gifts

When it comes time to choose the perfect summer gift basket ideas to help complete your gift, you want to know the personality of the person you’re giving it to and the event you’re celebrating. If it’s a birthday party for an acquaintance, ask a friend who’s attending about the person’s interests and lifestyle. If it’s for someone you know very closely, you might have an easier time figuring out what they want.

As previously mentioned, avoid one big gift, and focus on smaller, travel-friendly gifts. If the gift can fit in their pocket, purse, or backpack, it can work in a gift basket. Secondly, focus on gifts that help them rather than take up space. This means gifts that serve multiple purposes or help them in their daily activities, such as mini silicone tongs and steak thermometers for a friend who loves to barbeque. Offering gifts that improve their lifestyle will be more impactful and appreciated.

Gift Basket Ideas

Thankfully, there are many kinds of fun summer gifts you can include in your basket that will make the warm weather even more enjoyable. From gardening books to mini birthday sparklers, you’ll find many gifts that will bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

Arts & Crafts

Perhaps you know someone who is all about creativity. Whether they enjoy painting on canvas or writing short stories, you can give them crafting and creative goods that will provide them hours of fun. You can add miniature books about the sea to help with their writing or a note set to help them keep track of their ideas.

Those who enjoy writing, drawing, sculpting, painting, and more always find different ways to express themselves. Additionally, art is therapeutic for many people, helping with stress and motivation. So, by gifting them an art-themed gift basket, you’ll provide the tools for further self-expression.

Cosmetics & Self-Care

Whether it’s a busy mom who doesn’t have time for themselves or someone who has started their self-care journey, gifting someone miniature cosmetic supplies can help them further unwind after a long day. You can find adorable tiny sea turtle soap to add to their bathroom sinks or scented tin candles to use for a relaxing spa day.

Self-care is essential for anyone who needs to wind down after a stressful day. Providing a gift basket filled with cosmetic and therapeutic goodies will help the recipient find an easier way to relax and enjoy themselves.

Outdoor & Camping Goodies

Everyone knows at least one person who loves being in the outdoors. Whether it’s to go bird watching or hiking through different mountains across the country, offering someone a gift basket of outdoor and camping supplies can make their treks easier. If you know someone with a green thumb, you can gift them a little book filled with gardening tips or a tiny lavender seed tin.

If you know a hiker or someone who loves to travel, you can offer them a miniature road trip kit or a travel pocket journal to track all the locations they’ve been to. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those who love being outside to enjoy their hobby further and their trips more thoroughly.

Games & Activities

If you’re going to attend a child’s birthday party in the future, don’t settle by getting them the trendiest toys on the market. Focus on keeping your gift basket simple by providing them games and activities to keep them busy in the summertime.

You can easily find small gifts that will pull them away from their screens, such as a backpack games kit containing glow-in-the-dark dice, playing cards, charades, a score pad and pencil, and so much more. Additionally, you can make the hot day more bearable with a few small Super Soakers for them and their friends to chase each other around. It’s fun to get kids to move around while keeping your gift basket on the theme.

Home Décor & Accessories

Nothing is more satisfying to a homeowner than having a put-together, cohesive home. In the summertime, it’s when homeowners can open their windows, declutter their closets, and flip their layout to match the blooming season.

If you’re attending a housewarming party, you can gift a beautiful small glass bell jar to hold cookies and small treats or a small tire swing bird feeder for homeowners who want to add personality to their backyard space. It’s a fun way to brighten up their home for the summer.

Office Supplies

Whether you know someone who works from home or commutes to the office, you can help them decorate their office space with a fun office gift basket. If you know someone who loves to bring their love of plants and gardening indoors, you can gift them small bug stamps and a garden-themed memo board to help keep their desk area organized. You can also give them a miniature desktop sandbox to help them find tranquility during a busy, stressful day.

Party Goodies & Accessories

When you attend a party, a fantastic gift basket is goodies for said party. Gifts such as paper umbrellas, cactus shot glasses, a cocktail shaker, and party picks can add more flair to a party. So, when you offer the party host a gift basket full of party goodies and supplies, they can immediately put them to use!

At Little Obsessed, we offer a variety of small summer gifts to help you create the perfect gift basket. We also provide numerous categories for him and her, children, teens, holidays, and more! If you have any questions regarding our products, please get in touch with us today if you have any questions.

7 Summer Gift Basket Filler Ideas To Complete Your Gift