8 Tips for Building the Perfect Gift Box Set

8 Tips for Building the Perfect Gift Box Set

6th Dec 2022

Do you want to go outside of your gifting comfort zone and try something new? Creating a gift basket is a fun way to explore your creative side while gathering multiple gifts your friends and loved ones will get excited over. Here are eight tips for building a beautiful, perfect gift box set for any time of the year.

Reasons Why Gift Boxes Work

Gift boxes make the perfect gift for many reasons. It’s a unique way to organize your presents while keeping the visual aesthetic simple.

Creative Presentation

While wrapping presents in wrapping papers, tinsel, and twine, and decorating them with bows and ribbons may look beautiful, it can feel like a tiring, repetitive process. Alternatively, creating a gift basket allows you to play with different decorative textures, patterns, and space fillers for a beautiful, eye-catching display.

Saves You Time

As previously mentioned, wrapping each individual present can quickly become exhausting. Moreover, it can become a time-consuming process. Gift box sets make for a quicker and simpler assembling process requiring very little decorating, as the gifts are the presentation.

Shows Your Care and Consideration

When you take the time to create a beautifully displayed gift box set for someone you love, they’ll revel in how hard you worked to make it look presentable and eye-catching. Moreover, picking out small gifts you know they’ll love will warm their heart and let them know you deeply care about their interests.

Tips for Creating a Gift Box Set

There are many tips to help create the perfect gift box set, whether it’s an acquaintance or a close relative. Don’t feel intimidated by the space you have to fill—get creative and explore your adventurous side by trying these gift basket-building tips.

Keep Gifts Small

Miniatures, sample-sized products, and pocket-friendly goodies make the world go round; who doesn’t love having a small notebook and pen set on hand just in case? What about a miniature sewing kit for a ripped seam or a fraying stitch?

Making your gifts small is a humorous talking point for your loved ones, and you can give a practical spin that allows for easy storage or travel. From miniature candles, books, and notebooks to crafting supplies, games, and office desk décor, you’ll knock your friends out of the park with your creative take on gifting.

Think of a Theme

Everyone loves a good theme for their gift basket, so why not give it a shot? Everyone has something they deeply love, from pop culture to self-care. If you know someone who loves cooking and playing around in the kitchen, focus on gifting them items and accessories for their hobby.

The theme itself doesn’t have to be entirely literal; you can do creative ideas such as gifts for the friends who host the most, items for movie enthusiasts, or even a gift basket for a solo night of self-care and TLC. You can make a gift basket centered around one color or a vivid rainbow of hues; it’s a fun way to get out of your gifting comfort zone.

Build Up a Base

Using a box or container with a shallow bottom can cause your gifts to look significantly smaller and less significant than you wanted them to be. Moreover, the shallow bottom can take away from the visual appeal of your gift set. So, opt for creating a foundation to help elevate your gifts.

Elevation supplies such as bubble wrap, crumbled newspaper, and tissue paper can help lift your gifts, especially when you use smaller items. Next thing you know, your once drab, unimpressive basket display will look polished and allow your presents to take centerstage.

Include Their Favorite Snacks

If you’ve picked out your gifts but still have some leftover space in your gift basket, get your loved one’s taste buds ready for a tasty treat. Add a delectable snack or treat to your gift basket, from something as simple as homemade jam and crackers to more elaborate choices, such as sample boxes and foods starting with the same letter. Everyone loves a tasty treat from time to time.

However, keeping any sensitivities or allergens in mind is crucial so your loved one doesn’t end the day feeling miserable.

Add a Pleasant Smell

Do you know someone who explores the world through smells and scents? If you know someone who hordes candles, incense, and wax melts, consider adding a pleasant-smelling gift to their gift basket. From fruity smells such as apples, pears, and citrus, to more earthy aromas like sandalwood, cedar, and tobacco, you can create an entire basket centered around wonderful scents.

Take the time to learn someone’s preferred smells that make them happy. You can find candles that also cater to sensitive noses, such as coconut wax or soy wax blends, using natural scents instead of artificial ones.

Think Outside the Box

When you think of a gift box, you often think of a basket or box. However, it doesn’t have to stay confined to one or the other; get creative with a unique container that encapsulates the visual appeal of your gift set.

If you’re gifting someone self-care goods, consider giving them in a container that allows easy storage. You can use practicality to your advantage and create a gift box that gives every item a purpose.

Use a Focal Point

If you want your gift basket to look cohesive and visually appealing, one tip for a fantastic gift basket is to have a central point to which the eye naturally draws. For example, if you’re gifting someone a gift basket full of snacks and treats, make a bottle of champagne the focal point of the box.

Focal points such as coffee mugs, flowers, bottled beverages, king-sized candy bars, a home décor sign, a candle, and so much more can help create balance in your gift basket. You can find your center stage gift first, then work outward to help fill space or vice versa.

Play Around With Color

Color is a tried-and-true way to grab people’s attention. Colorful objects like fruit, food packaging, self-care goods, and so on can help create a cohesive gift basket your loved ones will appreciate. You can stick to a specific color palette, such as neutrals, pastels, or muted colors, or play around with different variations of one color for a beautiful, eye-catching gift box.

Creating the perfect gift basket comes down to the presents you choose. Our miniatures at Little Obsessed give you plenty of options, from children and teens to adults and couples. If you need mini-gift ideas, we’ve created categories for anyone on your list. Browse our website today for dozens of small gifts your friends and family will love.

8 Tips for Building the Perfect Gift Box Set