Cute Little Gift Ideas for Kids

Cute Little Gift Ideas for Kids

12th Jun 2020

Whether it’s the holidays, birthdays, or just for fun, everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. The littlest loved ones in your life are no exception. You want to find something that captures their interest, fills their days with fun, and lets them know how much they mean to you. In times like this, when children are learning from home and away from most of their friends, the perfect gift can make a world of difference. Fortunately, there’s no end to the creative, intriguing, and adorable gifts you can get the kids in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a creative mind, a curious little learner, or a kid who’s anything and everything in between, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for you. The next time you’re browsing for the perfect present, keep these cute little gift ideas for kids in mind.

Gifts That Inspire Creative Little Minds

Kids are full of creative ideas. From coloring outside the lines to coming up with wild stories or games to share with you, they always have something brewing in their imagination. You can nurture their love of originality and invention by getting them something to help express their creativity. Expand their coloring book collection or introduce them to a new creative outlet with these artistic or crafty gift ideas.

Journals and Art Books

If the kid you’re shopping for has a budding art streak, why not encourage the habit? Art books give any child pages and pages of blank space to fill. They can teach new styles or designs or simply give your kid room to go crazy with their own ideas. This is a great way to help make up for any art classes or clubs your child might be missing while they’re stuck at home. These gifts also work perfectly for the little writers in your life. You can buy them a cute little journal to store their thoughts, record their dreams, or just write about what happened that day. You might even provide them with a book of writing prompts so that they can try their hand at writing exercises to boost their skills and creativity.

Kits for Learning New Skills

It’s always good to try new things, and a mini craft kit can be the perfect opportunity to do just that. From an origami book, to embroidery kits, to clay sculpting kits, there are plenty of new creative skills to learn. You can even find a hobby or skill that you enjoy and use this as a way to introduce your child to it. Spend some quality time passing on your favorite creative outlet to the curious and creative child in your life. Alternatively, find something you’ve always wanted to do and learn how to do it together. The best part is there are so many different types of kits. Once your child is hooked on one, you can buy replacement kits with more materials, colors, and themes, so they can keep practicing their new skills.

Gifts for Little Learners

It’s important to teach the children in your life how much fun learning can be. After the school closures and unexpected online classes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to encourage learning at home. When you promote knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge, you set your child up for a successful, rewarding life. Celebrate and encourage your child’s curiosity, problem-solving skills, and sense of wonder at the world and all of its mysteries with these learning-based gifts.


A puzzle is a classic gift that can come in many forms for many different kinds of learners. Puzzle books are perfect for kids who can curl up and spend many cozy hours with their pen and paper. For those who prefer a more hands-on learning style, you can buy assorted wooden puzzles to take apart and try to put back together. This is a great way to honor and nurture your kid’s analytical mind.

Science Kits

Who says experiments have to take place in a classroom setting? If the little one in your life has a knack for nature, space, archaeology, and more, there is a perfect science kit waiting for them. From active pint-sized volcanoes to tiny replicas of rockets, dinosaurs, and more, there are gifts for every scientific interest your child has. This is a great way to recreate the spring science fair or simply replace some of the experiences your child missed in science class this year. You can even reignite your own love of learning as you build models, perform experiments, and learn more about the world we live in.

Gifts That Encourage Their Interests

Just like everyone else, children have their own unique passions and hobbies. When you give them a gift that goes along with these interests, you show how much you care about and pay attention to them. This also provides the perfect opportunity for them to light up and share their interests with you. Maybe this means buying a sticker book full of their favorite cartoon characters or a plushie of their favorite animal. No matter what, it’s important to encourage children’s unique interests with a gift that fits their personality perfectly.

Building Blocks

Building block sets come with all the pieces and instructions the child in your life needs to construct the landmark, animal, or vehicle of their dreams. Because there is such a diverse range of sets you can buy, you can find one that suits your child’s personality perfectly. Do they love animals? Get them a menagerie of buildable creatures. Do they enjoy playing with toy cars, buses, and planes? Help them build their own models with these sets. Not only will your child have their own replica of something they love, but they’ll also get the satisfaction of having built it with their own two hands—and maybe a little help from Mom and Dad.


Give the kid in your life a chance to express themselves by stuffing their gift bags with accessories. From glittery keychains to stickers of their favorite characters or animals, you can provide them with a way to customize their style and gear. You can even find gifts that help them be creative as well as fashionable. Bracelet-making kits and other crafts let them create accessories for themselves and their friends while expressing their own unique sense of style. It also teaches them a new skill, creating a fun new way to pass the time as they practice social distancing.

These cute little gift ideas for kids work for every occasion and any kind of child. Even if you can’t visit the child in your life currently, whether they’re your niece or your friend’s child, you can still show how much you’re thinking about them with gifts like these. No matter who the child in your life is or what they enjoy, you’re sure to find something that suits them perfectly at Little Obsessed. We provide little gifts that are affordable and functional—not to mention downright adorable. No matter who you’re shopping for, we have the perfect gift for you to give them.

Cute Little Gift Ideas for Kids