Good Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

Good Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

13th Dec 2020

Whether you are celebrating the holidays or just searching for some quick gifts for your family, stocking stuffers provide the perfect amount of inexpensive entertainment or utility for any valuable member of the family. Finding the perfect gift for every member of the family may be a chore but finding the perfect everyday stocking stuffer that they will enjoy is easy. With so many options at your disposal, the hardest part will be choosing which special miniature gift to buy out of your selections. Our list of good stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family will inspire you with the perfect extra additions to hang underneath the mantelpiece.

Toys for Children

There is a wide variety of toys and knick-knacks that any child would love to find in their stocking on Christmas. At this vital age, it is important that you fuel their interests and cater to their hobbies. Whether they love dolls or racecars, small toys are the perfect way to excite them while they open their stocking up. Promote their love of playing outdoors in the snow by stuffing their stocking full of gloves, a hat, and warm socks for snowy winter days. Socks are not all bad if you put them alongside something more exciting, like a trinket or toy.

To add an element of surprise, try gifting children a blind box with a mystery toy inside. Blind boxes come in all different varieties—some with branded video game or cartoon characters—and each have a different toy within to add to your collection. Whether your child loves cars, cute mascots, or cartoon characters, we have the selection of variety blind boxes to add to their stocking.

Gifts for Baby

It may be difficult to gift stocking stuffers for babies or toddlers since you do not want to get them something small enough to choke on. Larger stocking stuffers, like stuffed animals or sippy cups, will suit your baby best for their first few holiday seasons. You may also consider purchasing your baby a new pair of booties or mittens—or making them yourself. While your baby may not remember their early Christmases, they will remember unique toys or utensils—like our baby spoon in the shape of a blue truck!

Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers

A teenager will often have very specific hobbies and interests and may be picky with their gifts. Some teens will be satisfied with makeup or gift cards, but others may have more unique interests that you are not sure how to pick a gift for—especially something that will fit in a stocking. More than anything, you want your little stocking stuffers to express that you care and show interest in your teen’s favorite pastimes. For instance, if they enjoy drawing or writing, consider stuffing their stocking with new art tools and pencils.

Add presents into their stockings that hint at larger gifts, such as keychains if you have gotten them a car or are planning to help them buy one. They may not appreciate the small stuff at first, but once they know why you have gifted them a keychain it will all make sense.

Presents for a Happy Wife or Mother

It has been an exhausting year for moms of all ages. Treat them with some mini R&R care in their Christmas stocking. Small bottles of lotion or bath bombs are the perfect treat for the mom or wife who is in desperate need of an at-home spa day this winter. For the crafty kids or spouse, consider drafting up hand-made “coupons” for chores or special treatment around the home. These work for either parent, but a stressed-out mom may appreciate them more.

For the special wine lover in your life, consider stuffing her stocking with the necessary wine night accessories. Wine stoppers and corkscrews are essential for hunkering down with a bottle of wine and a favorite movie. Gift her a wine night kit for maximum relaxation in her stocking this year.

If you want to make the holidays even more special, gift mom or wifey a piece of jewelry that displays how much you and the rest of the family loves her. Just make sure it is a type of jewelry that she enjoys wearing first!

What To Buy a Husband or Father

Sometimes the man of the house is the most difficult person to buy stocking stuffers for. Whether he insists on “not needing a gift,” or he insists on more expensive presents, finding the perfect tiny gift to put in his stocking might be a hassle. He might enjoy a more eclectic trinket—like a miniature arcade cabinet with his favorite nostalgic retro game or a desktop golf course for his office. Other gifts for dad can include unique bottle openers or cocktail mixes. Add some fun with a new shot glass, just make sure to pack it carefully first so it does not break!

For Everyone’s Stocking

When Santa is picking out stocking stuffers, there should be one unifying gift that ties the family’s stockings together—kind of like a theme. In many cases, candy fills this role nicely. You can give every family member mini-size bars of their favorite kind of candy for them to munch on during present time.

Another cute idea to tie your family’s stockings together is the theme of game night. Add miniature card games or board games into the stockings for your family to play together and bond. Each person can have a different game so you can switch which game you play during game night!

Don’t Forget Fido!

Your family pet does not want to feel left out of your stocking opening extravaganza! Make the event truly special for your pet by giving them a stocking too. Stuff the stocking with their favorite treats and a new toy. Dogs will love our mini dog care kits, while your cat may enjoy a special catnip growing kit just for home. Just be careful they do not tear the stocking apart—store it somewhere special where they cannot find it until it is time to open.

Spending time with your family this holiday season holds more meaning this year than any other year. Show how thankful you are for everything they do for you and their existence by putting purpose in their gifts, even down to the tiniest stocking stuffer. You can find many of these good stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family and more in our collection of mini stocking stuffers at Little Obsessed. Our high-quality, inexpensive gifts are perfect for the entire family—whether you are searching for a novelty gift or an elegant decoration.

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