How To Teach Generosity to Your Kids With Gifting

How To Teach Generosity to Your Kids With Gifting

2nd Nov 2022

When you are a child, you depend on your parents and teachers to help you understand essential skills and behaviors to become proper adults. Learning various skills such as focus, dedication, hard work, and compassion are just a few aspects of growing up. In addition, learning how to share as a child will help develop a generous soul. So, what exactly is generosity?

Generosity is an act of kindness, a selfless choice that allows you to give 100 percent and not expect anything in return. It’s out of the compassion and care of your heart to help someone feel better, make their day, or show them you were thinking about them. Generosity and gifting make a perfect pair and are excellent tools for teaching your children to share with others. So, let’s discuss tips for teaching generosity to your children with gifting.

Children and Generosity

At a young age, children tend to focus on themselves and their needs. Figuring out the world can become a complicated and overwhelming endeavor, so parents must take the time to teach their children how to handle their emotions, be considerate of others, and overcome everyday problems. Teaching a child to share can influence their generosity and willingness to help others in their adult years.

Generosity is a critical element in providing acts of love and service to others. While it’s exciting for children to jump up and down for joy when they want a gift, it’s also a rewarding experience to give someone a gift. Teaching children about generosity and sharing isn’t the most straightforward journey. But it helps them develop their empathy for others, become involved in various communities, and create positive relationships with others.

How Gift-Giving Helps

It’s no secret that gifting is a selfless act and a choice made from love and appreciation. Numerous benefits come with gift-giving and being generous. Gifting can make the receiver happy and even make their entire day while creating a social connection and deepening trust. Generosity and gifting go together and promote cooperation.

Moreover, children learn to understand gratitude, which is integral to establishing social bonds, boosting happiness, and positively affecting health. By children learning to not take things for granted and learning to appreciate what they have, generosity grows and makes them more well-rounded people.

Teaching Generosity With Gifting

Generosity has numerous forms: money, words, influence, time, things, thoughts, and attention. You can teach your child generosity in an easy, digestible way so their feelings don’t get hurt or lost in translation. However, the most effective way to teach your children generosity is through gifting to others. The excitement of finding the perfect gift and seeing the receiver’s excited face can make a considerable impact on how your child sees generosity.

Making Toy Donations

One of the quickest ways to teach your child generosity is by giving back to the community. While it’s easy to donate canned goods, clothing, furniture, and money to various donation centers, teach your children to donate toys that other kids will love. For toy drives, you can purchase a bundle of miniature toys such as arts and crafts supplies, puzzles, and notebooks.

It’s also a fun activity for your children to participate in. They can find toys they would like and share their interests with other kids in an understandable, relatable way. Lastly, you and your children can do charity work during the holidays to teach the meaning of generosity and spread holiday cheer.

Participate in a Fundraiser

Similar to toy donations, get your children involved in a fundraiser campaign. While it’s common to host a fundraiser for a specific amount of money, you can also host a toy fundraiser for children’s hospitals, adoption agencies, and schools. Have your kids involve their friends, classmates, and peers for a good cause while teaching them to practice generosity.

Once you and your child reach a specific fundraising goal, you can take them to deliver the toys and goods in person. It’ll allow them to interact with the community they raised awareness for and make new friends. When they see the look of joy spread across the recipients’ faces, your child will feel a warm sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Be a Good Role Model

Children often repeat the behavior exhibited by their parents and peers. For example, if you show love and affection to your children, they’ll often repeat that behavior with people they care about. Moreover, they must learn generosity from you through your actions.

Sharing your dinner with others, giving advice to strangers, and providing a gift out of the kindness of your heart without expecting anything in return can result in your children learning selfless and compassionate behavior. Showing them simple ways to express generosity will help them practice it effectively.

Focus on Your Child’s Interests & Skills

While generosity is tricky for children to grasp, teach your kids in a way they’ll understand. For instance, your child may have a deep passion for puzzles, magic tricks, and problem-solving. You can find miniature magic trick kits, puzzles, and strategy games that they can gift to their friends and loved ones.

Gifting can give your child a chance to bond with the recipient and teach them about their passions. It’ll also make your child more inclined to give gifts to others, especially if it relates to their interests and skills.

Practice Patience

Teaching your children to practice generosity takes time, especially if they’re very young. Because young children are still figuring out their feelings, they can fail to understand the consequences of their actions and can quickly become upset.

So, take time to breathe and walk them through the process of generosity one day at a time. Practice and patience can result in a compassionate, generous, and kindhearted person you can be proud of.

Generosity is a trait that every person should learn when they’re young. Teaching generosity to your children can be easier with a compassionate supplier who understands giving the perfect gift. At Little Obsessed, we specialize in miniature toys and products that will make anyone smile. Our little toys come in various categories, from interactive toys to arts and crafts. If you have questions about our miniature toys and goods, reach out to us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect gift for that special someone.

How To Teach Generosity to Your Kids With Gifting