Small Gifts for All Your Guests This Thanksgiving

Small Gifts for All Your Guests This Thanksgiving

Posted by Little Obsessed on 14th Nov 2021

As the weather begins to cool down, the holidays begin to arrive more quickly than expected. That means that you’ll have many parties to celebrate you and your loved ones soon. If you decide to host Thanksgiving for everyone to share memories and eat delicious food this year, you need to prepare well.

It's no surprise that when you host a party, guests tend to bring a dish or drinks to share in your home. You can grab your favorite Thanksgiving entrée and a slice of pumpkin pie while enjoying what they bring. The time you spend together can be fun and exciting! Besides hosting a meal, though, you may want to give a present to everyone who comes over. After all, presenting small gifts for all your guests this Thanksgiving can further show how much you appreciate their company and generosity. Here are some gift ideas to consider.

Pumpkin Scented Candles

A classic fall and cold-weather staple, pumpkin pie is a delicious dessert that just about anyone can enjoy. The warm, flaky profile of the pie crust wraps everything together nicely. It’s no wonder that pumpkin pie fits perfectly at the Thanksgiving table as an edible dessert and a favorite candle scent.

You don't have to purchase a full-sized candle for your guests. Instead, buy a handful of small-sized pumpkin-scented candles (like our small Seda France votives) for them to enjoy after their Thanksgiving feast. The candles can go just about anywhere, from kitchens and bedrooms to living rooms and bathrooms. They’ll encapsulate the wonderfully fruity, spice-filled smells of the dessert.

Sugar Scrub Mason Jars

Some of the best cosmetic beauty goods are sugar scrubs. Sugar scrubs are not only easy to access; they’re also easy to make at home. If you want to add a personal flair to your guest's gifts, consider creating your sugar scrubs from any fall recipe you can find. Not only do they buff dead skin off for a beautiful glow, but they taste delicious.

Sugar scrubs offer a friendly buffering treatment for the lips, arms, legs, anywhere you can think of. You can follow a simple sugar scrub recipe or find a fall-themed one anywhere. If making it yourself isn’t in your plans, you can also find scrubs online or locally in small sizes.   And we have plenty of small mason jars on hand! 

Ginger Scented Hand Soaps

Alongside classic fall scents, ginger is a straightforward fragrance you can find in just about anything, as well. It offers a fresh, pleasant, and sweet smell to your environment and comes from the ginger root. It smells and tastes lovely on your favorite breakfast dishes or adds flavor to your morning coffee.

If you know someone on your guest list that has a vast appreciation for ginger, consider finding small hand soaps with this scent.  We have particularly adorable turtle hand soaps scented with ginger.  Or, you can make homemade hand soap bars, or you can locate foaming hand soaps at your local beauty supplier. You never know who might enjoy autumn scents in your life.

Mini Kitchen Utensils

There might be a few people in your life you know who enjoy cooking and baking in their homes. Sometimes, their career might fall into the culinary category. So try to offer them some travel-sized kitchen utensils or drawer-friendly kitchen supplies they would appreciate.

You can find just about any kind of cooking and baking utensils for your favorite cooks and bakers at Little Obsessed. If you know someone who enjoys these activities, you can find mini pie pan sets or mini nonstick tartlet pan sets and offer an inexpensive option for your guests. Additionally, you can even find small whisks and silicone spatulas.  Did we mention they are perfect for kids too?

Leaf Serving Dishes

The dishware you use can make your guests smile or stare in awe at your food presentation. If you’re offering butter at your table, place it on festive leaf-shaped dishes to encapsulate the Thanksgiving feel of your home. After everyone shares a meal, you can offer leaf-shaped mini dishes to your guests to bring home that evening. It’ll bring a smile to their faces!

Fall-Themed Cookie Cutters

A favorite fall pastime is baking delicious desserts with your loved ones. If you know someone who enjoys baking or is in the culinary industry, offer them some fall-themed cookie stamps. Their treats will not only look incredibly festive but also earn them many compliments from those who enjoy their tasty snacks.

Cookie cutters are beneficial if they prefer to make cookies or other treats quickly. They also add more personality to baked goods. Moreover, they can help shape foods that aren’t desserts. For instance, they can create fun-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! There are also cookie stamps you can purchase to add more detail to each cookie.

Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers sit at every homeowner’s dinner table. That’s because salt and pepper are the perfect additives for your dishes that need an extra touch of flavor and depth. So why not offer miniature salt and pepper shakers for your guests? They’re not only adorable; they can also add the perfect touch to someone’s home décor.

You can find just about any fall-themed salt and pepper shaker set on the market. The shakers may appear in the shapes of birds, apples, and even pumpkins. They’re easy to store and come in various sizes and styles. So pick up a few to offer to your guests and see if they can add them to their dinner table.

Gifts for Your Beloved Guests

Finding the best small gifts for all your guests this Thanksgiving is a lot easier than you’d think. Thankfully, many presents are available locally or online right here!  As you’ve seen, some are even easy to make yourself. So think about what you want to offer to your guests and use this list as inspiration.

If you're unsure what kind of mini gifts to offer at your next hosting event, visit us at Little Obsessed. We offer items that are the perfect gifts for your loved ones on any occasion at any time. Contact us for your next shopping venture, whether you need things for a birthday party or a holiday get-together.