Small Gifts To Incorporate in Your Backyard Treasure Hunt

Small Gifts To Incorporate in Your Backyard Treasure Hunt

23rd May 2022

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s a sign that summer is approaching quickly. This year, you want to host a party to celebrate, and thinking of different ways to make it memorable and fun for everyone can feel tough. So, you pull out all the stops and want to go big with the treasure hunt. However, you want to include everyone in the search, not just children.

However, you want to steer away from edible items such as candy as much as possible. So, here are a couple of small gifts to incorporate in your backyard treasure hunt this year that everyone will love, no matter how old they are.

For Children

It’s expected that children want to do a treasure hunt this upcoming summer. It’s a fun activity many families love to participate in, as well as an excellent way for kids to get outside. So, instead of candy or other sweets, finding the perfect small gifts to incorporate in your backyard treasure hunt can vary from simple to unique. So, let’s look at the different options that kids will find years of fun out of.

Miniature Stuffed Animals

Every child loves a cute stuffed animal in their toy collection. It can be real animals like cats, dogs, elephants, and lions to fantastical beasts such as unicorns, dragons, and sea monsters. No matter what they are interested in, a miniature stuffed animal will make a great treasure hunt gift for them to find. A stuffed animal can provide hours of fun for any child.

Miniature Art Supplies

If you have family members that love to craft and work with their hands, miniature art supplies will work wonderfully for your treasure hunt. You can find paint, colored pencil, charcoal, and clay art sets that will provide hours of fun for them. It will help them embrace their creative side and feel inspired to produce beautiful pieces of art.

Miniature Games

From card games such as Uno and Go Fish to interactive toys like Bop It or Jenga, games are always entertaining to children. Playing games provides children with hours of fun and gives them something to do when they’re bored. You can find miniature games for your treasure hunt kids that will love and find entertaining. You can also gift them miniature building block sets themed around animals and cars for those who love to work with their hands.

For Teens

As children grow up, they start to find treasure hunts either childish or not as fun. So, you have to find ways to get them interested in participating. Thankfully, you can find plenty of treasure hunt items to grab their attention and get them interested. Before you know it, all the teens in the house will run around the year trying to find gifts they’ll love.

Miniature Embroidery Kits

As a child grows into teenagers, their hand dexterity improves significantly, preparing them for more challenging activities. If you know a couple of teens who love to knit, sew, or crochet, gift them a miniature embroidery kit for the treasure hunt to support their life skills. You can gift them any kind of embroidery kit, from animals to flowers. It’ll give them something relaxing to do during downtime.

Miniature Arcade Toys

With the growth in technological advancements, it’s hard to find teenagers who are nose-deep in their smartphones or play video games with their friends. It’s a fun way for them to improve their hand-eye coordination while socializing with classmates.

So, you can gift them miniature arcade toys they can clip to their keys, bags, or even as a fun prop to place on their desk. You can find miniature Pac-Man, Dance Dance Revolution, and other games they can take with them anywhere.

Miniature Emergency Kits

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay safe when it comes to being a teenager. No matter where they go, getting injured or getting involved in an accident can happen at any time. So, a practical miniature gift you can offer them for your treasure hunt is a miniature emergency kit. Miniature emergency kits come with many items, including safety pins, adhesive bandages, stain remover, lip balm, dental floss, pain reliever, and so on.

For Adults

Don’t leave the adults out this time in the treasure hunt. While it’s easy to hide money around your property to find, gifting them small gifts instead will make for a fun conversation. You can find plenty of miniature gifts that will make their day and get a good laugh from them. From miniature novels to other fun items, you’ll provide the best finds for your adult guests!

Miniature Candles

Adding an accent to any room can easily be achieved by using a candle. You can gift the adult guests at your treasure hunt with miniature candles for their homes. You can find many themed candles, like succulents, animals, and more. Additionally, they’ll work for any room in the home. Whether they put it on their nightstand, bathtub, or work desk, it will brighten up the room and smell fantastic.

Miniature Novels

As people grow older, they find enjoyment in the simpler things. If you know someone who loves to read in their downtime, you can gift miniature novels for the treasure hunt. You can find books about cuisine, drinks, or even novel sets from Shakespeare. It will not only provide them hours of entertainment, but will also look great on their bookshelf.

Miniature Tin Games

There are times when you’re out with friends or family and see the opportunity to play a fun game for everyone to enjoy. You can fill that need by gifting your adult guests with miniature tin games for the treasure hunt. From games like miniature golf to travel-sized Charades, you’ll provide many opportunities to play games while on the go.

Finding the perfect gifts for this upcoming summer treasure hunt celebration doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We at Little Obsessed specialize in miniature toys, games, home décor, and so much more. Our extensive miniatures catalog will make someone smile no matter what time of year. Whether you’re giving a gift to your child, sibling, or a loved one, our mini gifts will make anyone’s day. If you have any questions about our products, please reach out to us today.

Small Gifts To Incorporate in Your Backyard Treasure Hunt