The Best Gifts To Show Employee Appreciation

The Best Gifts To Show Employee Appreciation

10th Jan 2021

The Best Gifts To Show Employee Appreciation

With 2020 finally behind us, you can look forward to the future prosperity of your business with all your employees boosting it along the way. You would not have been able to get through the long and bumpy past year without the aid of your employees and coworkers, and the beginning of the new year is an excellent time to display your appreciation for them.

Give your workers something to memorialize the hardships that came with the changes around the workplace. The best gifts to show employee appreciation come from the heart; with these suggestions in mind, you can pick the perfect way to encapsulate the past year and help your workers move forward to the future.

Useful Gifts for Around the Office

What is an office without the standard fare of office supplies? Whether you are in the office or working remotely, everyone needs a regular restock of pens, staplers, and notebooks. Even if your employees do not do a lot of pen-to-paper work, they will put these little gifts to good use around the house.

If your business specializes in computer work and phone calls, consider giving employees items to make their remote workspace as comfortable as it is in the office. Give them a new mousepad or a tech kit from Pinch Provisions to keep their phones charged and screens clean. Get creative with your gifts for utility—try to give your employees something they do not already have but would help their productivity.

A Moment of Zen, Right at Their Desk

Work is stressful, especially during a pandemic. Gift your hard-working employees with stress relievers to help them handle the roughest of the days ahead. Stress relievers come in many mini forms for you to choose from, including squishy stress balls and smoothly polished stones. With a small stress relief trinket close by, your employees will be able to reach out and squeeze something when the day is not going as well as it could.

For a more unique take on relaxation, consider giving employees their own desktop gardens. You may provide them with little succulents, tiny clay pots for them to grow their own plants, or even a small Zen garden. Zen gardens are small containers with soft, fine sand that your employees can decorate with polished stones and figures. With the tiny rake that is included, they can doodle designs in the sand as a way to fidget their stress away.

Decorations for Their Stations

No matter where their office is, your employees need the perfect décor to suit their office aesthetic, especially when they must stay at home so often. Not only are office and mini desk decorations pretty, funny, or cool, but they help your employees love where they work. When your employees love the space they work in, it is easier for them to succeed during the workday. If you have a small enough employee base, you can afford to personalize each gifted decoration. You know enough about your employees now to make a justified decision on what they would like at their workstation.

Tea candles and tea candle holders are excellent ways to combine relaxation with decoration. Before you invest in a cute candle for your workers, make sure they are allowed to burn candles in their abode. Some employees may live in apartment complexes that forbid candle burning. While miniature tea candle holders have many uses on an office desk, the gift may not have the intended effect if the employee can’t actually put it to use.

Fun and Cute Gifts To Spread Cheer

Sometimes, all your employees need is a little bit of fun or excitement at their desks that they can fiddle with during their breaks. Send your employees a desktop game, such as a desktop bean bag toss or miniature basketball toy. By supplying your employees with the right games or toys, you might find that you all have something fun to do during your next online meeting.

Even though all your employees are adults, they are never too old for fun or silly toys. There may be an inside office joke that a tiny novelty toy could reference, or you may find something that just fits everyone’s interests. Whatever the case may be, do not be afraid to gift your employees with a little novelty item in their care package.

A Little Booze Never Hurts…

After the wreck that was 2020, your employees could use a stiff drink. Host an office cocktail party via webcam and provide all employees with their very own cocktail kits to try out. Ring in the new year with togetherness, even if you are all far away from each other. Make sure to consider the age and drink preferences of your employees. You may need to make substitutions for those not old enough or not able to drink alcohol.

Make It Personal

You can enhance any of the best gifts to show employee appreciation by personalizing them for each employee or your business. Employees will love to see that you have taken their preferences into consideration with your gift. You may even want to include a small note with your present to amplify your appreciation, though the personalization of the note may vary based on how many employees you have on staff.

Many of the trinkets, baubles, and utensils offered at Little Obsessed can be personalized by the vendors to suit your business and employees. Whether you need to include an object, exclude an item, or want to customize certain aspects of the gift, consider asking us to consult with the vendor to see if it is possible. You may need to plan weeks in advance to ensure your gifts have enough time to arrive.

Showing appreciation to your employees is an important task that you must take on as their leader. If they do not feel appreciated, employees may become distant and disconnected, especially now that so many people are working from home. Luckily, Little Obsessed has you covered with our vast selection of mini gifts that includes everything from tea lights to mini office tools and tiny football games. Keep your employees supplied and entertained this winter by picking out the perfect gift—and don’t forget to ask about ordering in bulk!

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