Things To Hand Out on Halloween Instead of Candy

Things To Hand Out on Halloween Instead of Candy

26th Sep 2022

As the seasons change from hot and sunny to cool and breezy, so does the feeling in the air. People are rushing to their local coffee shops for the fall flavors, watching the leaves change colors, and planning out their fall wardrobes as the weather drops in temperature. But a highly anticipated holiday comes with the changing season: Halloween.

Halloween has become one of the country’s most popular holidays, celebrated all month long for some spooky enthusiasts. What makes Halloween so appealing is the fall décor, witchy aesthetic, and, most importantly, the costumes. But have you considered changing what you give out at your doorstep this year? Let’s look at a few Halloween goodies to hand out this year instead of candy.

Why Steer Away From Candy?

While candy is the most popular choice to hand out for Halloween trick-or-treaters, it shouldn’t be your first option. Firstly, with the rise of health awareness, candy comes packed with loads of sugar and unidentifiable ingredients. Consuming enormous amounts of candy can result in a sugar rush, followed by a crash that can leave children feeling sick.

Secondly, more parents have become more aware of their children’s allergens and sensitivities. Allergies such as nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, and more can quickly impact a child who doesn’t know the ingredients of the candy. So it’s easier to avoid situations of sick children and potentially frustrated parents at your doorstep. Giving out fun gifts instead during the spooky season will give visitors a fun activity to do all year round.

Gifts To Give Out on Halloween

There are plenty of Halloween gifts to hand out instead of candy this year that will make trick-or-treaters smile. You don’t have to plan an elaborate gift or force yourself to make something from scratch. From miniature keychains to notepads and stationery, you’ll find many gifts that excite trick-or-treaters about what you gifted them for the spooky holiday.

Miniature Plushies & Keychains

Who doesn’t love a cool keychain to hang on their backpack or purse? You can find adorable plushies and trendy keychains that your trick-or-treaters will want to put on their bookbags as soon as they get home.

Keychains and plushies are fun for kids to take their favorite characters on the go. You can find various themes, such as animals, nature, puzzles, pop culture, and video games, that will make every visitor smile. Consider picking up a few popular characters for your little trick-or-treaters.

On-the-Go Play Set Tins

After spending a good portion of the day trick-or-treating, candy hunting can become tiresome. Luckily, you were smart and picked up some on-the-go play sets they can take with them wherever they go.

You can gift them various on-the-go games, such as pick-up sticks, card games, tic-tac-toe, and so much more. It’s not only a fun gift to receive on Halloween, but it also makes for fun entertainment all year round. So consider picking up a few different travel-friendly games that will keep kids busy for hours.

Miniature Puzzle Tins

Kids smacking their lips on candy is a mindless way to spend the evening after hours of candy hunting. Instead, give your Halloween visitors miniature puzzle tins to avoid sugar rushes and crashes. They’ll focus on trying to solve picture puzzles as they chew on their favorite sour candies.

Each puzzle has its theme, from dogs to the map of the United States. Encourage their problem-solving skills and give them something strategic to do to improve their mental strength after the spooky holiday.

Themed Miniature Erasers

If there’s one thing kids love to collect, it’s themed miniature erasers. Gone are the days of standard pink erasers; children will drop their jaws in excitement when they receive a sea creature-themed set of tiny erasers they can put in their pencil cases.

You can find numerous themes for miniature erasers: animals, sea creatures, flowers and nature, pop culture, and so much more. Help build their collection with your Halloween trick-or-treat gift this year.

Magic Trick Mini Kits

When it comes to children’s imaginations, there’s always a child who likes to pretend to be a wizard or a magician during playtime. However, you can make their wish a reality by gifting them a magic trick mini kit as a Halloween gift.

Magic trick mini kits come with various goodies, including a magic wand, magic cups and balls, a magic coin tray, a fake thumb, a magic deck of cards, and so much more. The trick-or-treater will have hours of fun learning magic tricks to entertain their friends and family.

Mini Notepads & Stationary

Learning to write takes years of practice for children. Encourage their penmanship and writing abilities by gifting them mini notepads and stationery sets for Halloween.

It’s a travel-friendly, pocket-sized gift that will make trick-or-treaters want to write letters and jot down their thoughts as soon as they get home. You can also find stationary and notepads with various themes, such as flowers and cute animals.

Miniature Dollhouses

For children who love to play with dolls and stuffed animals, having a dollhouse in their bedroom makes for endless hours of imagination and creativity. A fantastic Halloween trick-or-treat gift for doll enthusiasts is a miniature dollhouse children can take on the go.

Miniature dollhouses have many features, such as decorative stickers, up to three miniature dolls, and more. Gifting a miniature dollhouse will offer children hours of fun and allow them to take it wherever they go.

Travel-Sized Novels

Some children love nothing more than picking up a good book and reading for a while. You can encourage their reading abilities by gifting miniature novels for Halloween.

There are many books you can find that range in reading level, from Disney princesses to the works of Charles Dickens. Opt for giving away miniature novels to the enthusiastic reader this upcoming spooky holiday.

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Things To Hand Out on Halloween Instead of Candy