Tips for Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts

Tips for Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts

27th Oct 2020

Company morale is an important part of doing business, especially during difficult times. Whether you are a new hire or a manager, doing something special for your coworkers can bring smiles to an otherwise monotonous workplace. Gifts for hard-working coworkers and employees are just a normal part of a healthy corporate environment. However, purchasing the correct gifts or finding inexpensive items to give all employees can be a hassle. If you are struggling to find the perfect way to show gratitude to employees or coworkers, we have tips for choosing the best corporate gifts that will guide you.

Avoid the Generic

The gifts you choose should reflect the unique assortment of employees in your company. Generic gifts can be boring if they are not useful. Likewise, while some generic gifts, such as gift cards, can be useful, people will rarely remember them, especially if you can only give a small amount to each employee. Employees will eternalize strange presents as a recurring office joke or as a genuinely great gift.

Even if you do not choose something that is branded as strange or weird, put a spin on the gift to make it stand out. Pens, sticky notes, and thumbtacks can all have more unique variations!

Personalized Gifts

Your team deserves to be recognized for their efforts. Personalize their gift by adding their name or office nickname on it. Often, the most personalized gift to employees are t-shirts with names and graphics related to work. After a tough quarter or a large company-wide project, show how much your staff’s hard work means to you by going the extra mile on a personalized gift. These presents may work best with smaller groups of people, as they can get expensive.

If you are on a budget but want to personally thank each employee or coworker, consider adding little notes to each present. Try not to write the same note for each person. Instead, try picking special qualities you appreciate in each worker and writing a short heartfelt letter for each of your employees or coworkers. The nicest part about personalizing gifts with notes is that you can add a note to any gift you choose!

Plan a Theme and Make an Event

When you are having trouble coming up with good gift ideas, think of a creative theme that ties into the reason you want to give your coworkers or employees gifts in the first place. Holidays make for easy themes, even with lesser-known holidays such as “Talk Like a Pirate Day” or “National Espresso Day.” If there is no holiday or the celebrated victory is separate from a specific event, try to think of themes related to relaxation or feeling good. As long as you are working with adults who are old enough to drink alcohol, happy hour is a good theme for workplace gifts. Friday evening mini-margaritas, anyone? Use a glass to package a cocktail kit or margarita mix, and your employees will thank you later after they finish working from home.

There is no shame in having a little office party to raise morale and have some fun. Make goodie bags for your employees before a special luncheon using company merchandise and mood-lifting mini stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers are not just for the holidays—you can use them as adorable goodie bag fillers for any event.

Pick Something Practical

Many workers prefer gifts that they will use over gifts that some may consider useless, such as toys. While it may not be what you prefer if you are a lover of fun trinkets, sometimes it is best to gift objects that employees can use on the job. Corporate employees need plenty of miscellaneous tools and trinkets in order to function day to day. A little toolbox for your team members can keep them supplied with the tools they may have forgotten about or provide them with a backup when their main tools fail.

If you insist on buying something fun for your practical coworkers or employees, put a creative spin on a classic office tool. Sticky notes come in many different colors with tons of different designs. Give coworkers different types of sticky notes, such as our kitty cat sticky notes, and you will always know who is trying to post a message! Another tool you may not have considered is the trusted paper clip. Paper clips can now come in different materials, colors, and designs, and can even look like little Dachshund puppies!

Add Cute Desk Decorations

Desk décor is always a reliable pick for company presents. Cute animal pictures and motivational cards can fill a cubicle with good vibes. If your staff’s cubicles are made of metal, gift employees unique magnets that reflect their personalities. Magnets can come in different shapes such as our hummingbird magnets or with words to make encouraging phrases that will help any employee get through the busiest of days.

Give your employees a way to destress at their desk so they can get through the tough times easier. Desk activities should not distract from work but can give workers something to fidget with while on a phone call or when taking a breather. A mini desktop Zen garden is the perfect blend of office decoration and fidget relaxation, plus the recipient can place their own polished rocks or objects from home inside! For a more novelty spin on a solution for desktop fun, gift coworkers or employees a game that they can play together, such as a mini-ring toss set.

Buy in Bulk When Possible

The last tip for choosing the best corporate gifts regards your budget. Shop at places that offer you the ability to buy in bulk, so you can keep all your employees stocked with the same goodies from the same place. Buying in bulk allows you to make sure your entire order is ready at the same time, so you can hand out the gifts on the exact day you intended. Additionally, gifts bought in bulk will often come at a lower price to you.

Think small, but in large quantities! Little Obsessed has the widest selection of miniature office trinkets and cubicle comforts for any corporate event. Keep your workplace motivated with tiny gifts for your favorite employees or coworkers.

Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts