What To Put in Your Child’s Easter Basket

What To Put in Your Child’s Easter Basket

24th Feb 2021

As soon as mid-February rolls around and Valentine’s Day passes, our minds immediately think forward to the next big holiday—Easter. Whether it’s your children’s first Easter or their tenth, learning exactly what to put in your child’s Easter basket takes practice to master. Supply the Easter Bunny with the perfect basket fillers this year and keep the magic of the holiday alive for your children’s enjoyment. No matter what your budget is or how old your children are, these Easter gift ideas will make them excited to see what the Easter Bunny does for them next year and every year after that.

Little Treats

Start off your Easter baskets by filling them up with your child’s favorite tiny snacks and candies. You can treat these gifts as a sort of base layer that sets the expectations for the rest of the basket. Try to give your children something that they don’t get to eat very often, especially if the treats are seasonal. If you give them something especially indulgent, make sure they don’t eat too much at once to keep the sugar rush at bay and the dentist happy with their teeth!

If you truly want to get into the festive spirit, consider baking up some tasty treats with our mini Easter-themed cookie cutters. Baked goods that you created yourself make for picturesque Easter baskets—but they might be harder to hide from your children than other basket stuffers!

Plastic Egg Surprises

Colorful plastic eggs filled with candies or toys are a staple of the Easter season. Whether you use them as basket fillers or egg hunt prizes, you should keep a stock of them for any Easter festivities you plan to do around the house. Stash all kinds of mini toys inside the eggs for an exciting surprise when your child investigates their basket. If you want the toys to be a surprise for everyone, consider a pre-filled plastic Easter egg with a mysterious toy inside or our pastel surprise balls!

No matter if the toys or candy are related to Easter or not, when they’re stuck in a colorful plastic egg, they suddenly become a part of the holiday.

Cute Tiny Toys

Curate a selection of Easter-related tiny toys or fun erasers that can sit in your lovingly crafted basket without ruining the holiday’s theme. Fill the basket with festive fake grass and place cute bunny toys around the eggs to create a scene your children will love. Your children are bound to take note of the effort you put in to set the scene, and you’ll have fun while filling their baskets!

Easter Plushies

Younger children love cute, soft stuffed animals and plushies—and the animals that surround the entire holiday of Easter make for adorable plush mascots! Give your child a new favorite stuffed animal with a small beanbag plushie or a plush version of a children’s literary icon—Peter Rabbit! If you want an option other than a bunny, consider gifting a plush duck, lamb, chick, or a baby version of their favorite animal.

Plush animals can last for years with the right care. Your child may play with them like a doll or simply cuddle with them while they sleep; a cuddly plushie pal can get them through the worst days.

Easter Activities and Activity Books

Anything that can occupy your little one’s hands or quiz their mind fits well into their Easter baskets. Gift them with a cute miniature coloring book or a small puzzle to challenge their logical skills. You may also put a new game for family game nights in their Easter basket to encourage the whole family to spend time together. Card games and prompt games fit well right into the basket, but you may also find travel-sized games that are perfect for the job as well.

Do your best to find activities that fit the Easter theme; however, this may not always be possible. If you want to get your children activities that they can use all year-round, not just at Easter, give them something that plays into their interests, like a branded coloring book or puzzle. Don’t forget the mini pencils, crayons, or markers if you put a coloring book in their Easter basket!

Toys for Outdoor, Springtime Fun

While the weather might not be perfect around Eastertime, you may occasionally feel a warm breeze or a lack of the bitter winter chill. Allow your children to make the most out of spring’s boons by gifting them with toys for their favorite outdoor activities. Pick anything from pocket kites to tools for their sandbox—get them excited to spend time out of the house and safely enjoying the fresh spring air. Bubbles are another popular choice for what to put in your child’s Easter basket and work best outside where your children can watch the bubbles drift off in the gentle breeze.

Any small toy becomes a sandbox activity if you bury it for a treasure hunt! Keep the toy wrapped up in a bag and wedged into the plastic egg and bury the toys somewhere in the sandbox. Add an adventure to their Easter basket—especially if the weather’s warm enough.

Arts and Crafts

If your children love making art and playing with their creativity, supply them with activities that enrich their innate love for crafting. Provide them with non-toxic fingerpaints or watercolors along with an artbook for their work. Place cute little clay art projects in their Easter basket so they can make an adorable keepsake. For your little artist, give them new colored pencils or a wide array of crayons for their newest sketches. No matter how old they are, if you support their love for their hobbies, they’ll appreciate you even more down the line and have a greater chance of success.

Try filling their basket with arts or crafts that you can do together or as a family. Using the crafting time as a bonding activity makes the simple gift that much more memorable.

At Little Obsessed, we specialize in finding the biggest meaning and value in the smallest trinkets and toys. Customize your children’s Easter baskets this year with the cutest toys and most thoughtful tiny gifts from our collections to give spring a warm welcome.

What To Put in Your Child’s Easter Basket