Fox Run Micro Muffin Baking Pan

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This Micro Muffin Pan is the perfect size for little ones who want to help out in the kitchen with a baking adventure or have treats with their tea party. Constructed of tinplated steel, this durable bakeware is highly resistant to dents and scratches, and also protects against rust and stains, providing a safe and long-lasting baking surface. This mini sized muffin pan features 6 petit four sized molds, but it's not only ideal for kids or for making a few desserts (mini mini muffins or cupcakes) at a time, it's great for small batches of canapes, appetizers, or mini quiche bites as well.

The pan is 4" wide x 6" long x 0.5" tall. It is constructed of durable tinplated steel, highly resistant to dents and scratches, and protects against rust and stains. Small sized pan, features 6 petit four sized molds.

Dimensions of the individual petit four cups:
bottom width 1.25"
top width 1.75"
depth 0.75"

4"w x 6"l x .5"h Pan 1.5" d (top) Individual Pan Wells