Hell Passport Notebook

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You'd think that getting into Hell would be easy.  It USED to be - but like airport  travel and filling tax returns, everything is more complex these days.  Have no fear!  The Hell Passport can make your passage into eternal damnation a piece of Devil's Food Cake.  It looks and feels just like an actual passport and includes a place for personal information, a passport photo, and useful travel tips.  And if you don't have any immediate plans to go to Hell, it also functions as a handy and cool little notebook to jot down your most devilish thoughts.  Warning:  the pages are not flame retardant, so keep your passport notebook a safe distance from the burning brimstone. The 64 pages in this 3.5" wide x 4.25" tall passport notebook are lined to keep track of all the going-on in your circle of Hell.   Softcover. 

3.5" w x 5"h, 64 lined pp.